VISA Platinum in EGP

Smart card introducing the latest technology in securing credit cards against fraud in different countries.

• Issued for our distinguished customers.

• Minimum limit issuance EGP 70000.

• Extended warranty for all purchases by Platinum card more than period offered by merchant.

• Purchase protection for damaged goods bought by Platinum Card.

• Annual fees for primary card EGP 400.

• Annual fees for supplementary card EGP 200.

• Monthly interest rate 2.5%.

• Cash advance fee 3% min of EGP 20.

Usage Tips :

1. Call customer service centre to activate your card before using and sign on the back.

2. Call our customer service centre to add memo with your travelling schedule.

3. Make sure to activate SMS service before travelling; to receive message after each transaction.

4. Your card is as important as cash money .So be careful not to lose or damage the card.

5. Do not keep your card & pin together.

6. When using your smart card, make sure to enter your pin on the POS device.

7. Upon arrival from travel, Please contact customer service office in your branch to assure that your card is not enrolled among Cards Replacement List.

8. In case of card loss, you should report immediately to customer service centre to block the card.

9. You should review your monthly statement to ensure the validity of all transactions.