AIB Certificates

Arab international bank offers certificates through a lot of choices that satisfy client’s needs.

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Benefits :

• Highly competitive interest rates (tax free).

• Flexible interest payment (monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually) to suit the client’s needs.

• Clients can issue a credit card or take a loan up to 90% of certificate’s value.

• Certificates can be purchased for minors.

• Interest can be credited to the client’s current or saving account.

• Clients can redeem the frequency EGP certificate any time after 6 months of purchasing date, and for accumulative EGP certificate can be redeemed any time after 1 year of purchasing date.

• The client can take a secured loan or credit card against the certificates up to 90% of the certificates value.

• Certificates are available for individuals only.

Kinds of certificates :

1- Frequency certificates EGP 3 years:

• CD value 1,000 EGP and its multiples, minimum value 5,000 EGP.

2- Frequency certificates EGP 5 years:

• CD value 1,000 EGP and its multiples, minimum value 5,000 EGP.

• Interest rate up to 13.36% .

3- Floating rate certificate of deposit:

• CD value is EGP 1000 and its multiples, with no maximum purchase limit.

• Tenor of the certificate is 3 years.

• Interest payment frequency:

  •     Monthly 15.75% (Bid Corridor – 1%)
  •     Quarterly 16% (Bid Corridor – 0.75%)

• Issued for individuals only.

• The certificate has a floating annual interest rate which is modified on the next working day of CBE’s modification of the discount rate.